Sideways Atlanta A Field Guide to Offbeat Attractions in the "City Too Busy to Hate"

by Suzanne Winterberger and Bill Tomey

Atlanta is a city of not just a little bit of hustle. It's been described as both a big small town and a little big city. Atlanta's history peels away like layers of an onion. "Sideways Atlanta" peels back layer after layer to discover bizarre and unusual people, places, and stories. True offbeat travelers will be delighted to have the opportunity to visit a Ku Klux Klan Supply store, to experience the monthly apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, or to check out a possible UFO landing site. The book is a must for anyone who loves to travel in the footsteps of history. "Sideways Atlanta" visits sites of hangings, forced marches, slave yards, car crashes, and more, while at the same time providing the visitor with opportunities for great meals and unique entertainment.

Apparitions of the Virgin Mary Margaret Mitchell Death Site KKK Supply Store Big Sinkhole Outlaw Havens The Voice of Hitler UFO Crash Sites Dangerous Lover's Lanes Secrets of the Debutantes Home of Uncle Remus Stock Car Racing Grits Slave Yards Brad Pitt Activity Sites Origin of the "Curry Defense" Strippers Murders Whales Barbeque Newt Gingrich Riots Snakepits Live Burials Confederates Carpetbaggers Canines Elephant Graves Atlanta's Living Treasures, and much, much more!

Sideways Atlanta was named "best tour guide for the city" by Atlanta magazine,
in their "Secrets of the City" issue, November 2002.

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Sideways Atlanta was published in 1995 by the Creative Intelligence Agency
Paperback, 146 pages, 8.5"x5.5"
ISBN: 096503335X
Price: $9.95 plus $4.00 shipping and handling for every 3 books ordered

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