Aunt Marion and Cousin Mimi

Complete Postcardography (1984-1988)

1. Aunt Marion and Cousin Mimi
2. Aunt Marion is confused. Cousin Mimi has lost the way.
3. Aunt Marion warned Cousin Mimi that the tire was bad.
4. Aunt Marion knows that if she wants to catch the big ones, she's got to have the right bait.
5. Aunt Marion and Cousin Mimi visit the little girl's room.
6. Aunt Marion wanted to rough it. Cousin Mimi wants to go home.
7. Cousin Mimi on her honeymoon with her third husband Bert.
8. Aunt Marion suffers through the weekly visit with her mother, Mrs. Mavis Madrid.
9. Aunt Marion feels that grace & poise are an essential part of every girl's upbringing.
10. Cousin Mimi teaches her brother Walter how to dive.
11. Cousin Mimi and her third husband Bert get the kids ready to go on vacation.
12. Aunt Marion gives her children Darlene and Bud Jr. an update on the facts of life.
13. In order to become a more interesting and well-informed person, Aunt Marion takes a course at the local college.
14. Cousin Mimi and her neighbor Mrs. Lickalotty do a little last-minute laundry.
15. Aunt Marion tells Cousin Mimi the truth about her first love.
16. Cousin Mimi never could sit through a football game from beginning to end.
17. Cousin Mimi and Aunt Marion finally make contact with dear departed Sir Harry, cousin twice removed.
18. Aunt Marion and Cousin Mimi perform their nightly beauty regimen.
19. Aunt Marion knows that Wrinkle-Away Creme will keep her young forever.
20. Cousin Mimi and Aunt Marion try their best to keep in shape.
21. Aunt Marion can't believe that Mrs. Lickalotty really has the dreaded incurable herpes.
22. Cousin Mimi and her neighbor Mrs. Lickalotty should have waited for the tide to come in.
23. Aunt Marion and Cousin Mimi spend a relaxing afternoon listening to the sounds of nature.
24. Aunt Marion and Cousin Mimi wait for their sweethearts at the county courthouse.
25. Aunt Marion and Cousin Mimi are always looking for a real bargain.
26. Cousin Mimi's third husband Bert always enjoys a night out with the girls.
27. Waiting for the bus after Wednesday P.M. Beano.
28. Aunt Marion and Cousin Mimi take a vacation from the hustle n' bustle of family life.
29. Aunt Marion and Cousin Mimi enjoy a bit of the great outdoors.
30. Aunt Marion thinks about her future.
31. Aunt Marion observes a moment of silence before embarking on her first solo flight.
32. Aunt Marion tries to find out how to iron polyester without melting it.
33. Aunt Marion wonders: "What's all this fuss about Modern Art?"
34. Aunt Marion tries to teach the local youth a thing or two about breakdancing.
35. Mrs. Mavis Madrid was ready with the smelling salts when Darlene finally announced her pregnancy to Aunt Marion.
36. Cousin Mimi wishes everybody would concentrate on just finishing the game.
37. Bud Jr. couldn't get a date for the prom so Aunt Marion made him take his sister Darlene.
38. Cousin Mimi thinks her secret lover Alphonse is a most devastatingly elegant man.
39. Cousin Mimi can't resist her secret lover Alphonse despite his obvious shortcomings.
40. cousin Mimi's secret lover Alphonse has an unpredictably passionate nature.
41. Cousin Mimi enjoys a leisurely Sunday stroll with her secret lover Alphonse.
42. Cousin Mimi finally gives her third husband Bert a baby of their own.
43. Cousin Mimi's visit to her dentist was way overdue.
44. Cousin Mimi tries to quit smoking.
45. Cousin Mimi believes a good marriage requires tolerance for one another's strange habits.
46. Mr. & Mrs. Lickalotty spend almost every evening at home experimenting on their pet.
47. Mr. Max Lickalotty finally comes out of the closet.
48. Cousin Mimi feels that the key to success in the restaurant biz depends on developing a good rapport with the customers.
49. Aunt Marion knew Cousin Mimi shouldn't have had those beans for lunch.
50. As usual, Cousin Mimi spoils Aunt Marion's only chance to see the elusive bohemian waxwing.
51. Cousin Mimi and Aunt Marion are intensely interested in all the activities of the Royal Family.
52. Aunt Marion and Cousin Mimi were lost for almost 10 hours before the search teams finally rescued them.
53. Cousin Mimi and Aunt Marion can't resist a few Christmas carols while trimming the tree.
54. Aunt Marion's and Cousin Mimi's career as census takers didn't last very long.
55. The Tupperware lady rarely encounters so much raw enthusiasm at her home parties.
56. Aunt Marion tries to give Cousin Mimi some practical advice before the wedding.
57. Aunt Marion's and Cousin Mimi's career as marriage counselors didn't last very long.
58. Cousin Mimi likes to pick out her Christmas tree extra-early.
59. Cousin Mimi tries to teach her brother Walter how to drive.
60. Cousin Mimi's third husband Bert can't wait to see how she looks in her new maternity peignoir.
61. Eating for two is easy with a handy built-in shelf unit.
62. The cab driver wonders if Cousin Mimi still wants to go to the hospital.
63. Aunt Marion really hates these Sunday afternoon outings with her mother, Mrs. Mavis Madrid.
64. Aunt Marion's husband Bud Sr. went out one evening for a pack of cigarettes and returned eleven years later.
65. Aunt Marion is the only one who can still laugh at Bud Sr.'s same old stupid stories.
66. Bud Sr.'s many sterling qualities completely escape Aunt Marion's mother, Mrs. Mavid Madrid.
67. Bud Sr. tries to teach Bud Jr. the manly art of knotting a tie.
68. Every night Aunt Marion lovingly fixes Bud Jr. his favorite bedtime treat: Bosco on a Ritz.
69. Aunt Marion and Cousin Mimi's career in the world of high-tech didn't last very long.
70. Aunt Marion and Cousin Mimi crash a teenage slumber party.
71. Cousin Mimi and Aunt Marion feel it is their duty as good Americans to become involved in community affairs.
72. Aunt Marion is pretty sick and tired of constantly covering for Cousin Mimi and her secret lover Alphonse.
73. Cousin Mimi and her third husband Bert are pleased with how well Aunt Marion fits in with their latest routine.
74. Cousin Mimi promises Aunt Marion that she'll never skate on thin ice again.
75. Cousin Mimi loves to share her latest limericks with Aunt Marion and the McHale sisters.
76. Aunt Marion insists that Cousin Mimi keep tabs on all the neighborhood activities.
77. Aunt Marion always feels like a third wheel when Cousin Mimi and Mrs. Mavis Madrid get together.
78. Cousin Mimi helps Aunt Marion prepare for her first Ironwoman Triathlon.
79. Once again, Cousin Mimi is sorry she left Aunt Marion to babysit for little Gloria.
80. Aunt Marion and Cousin Mimi are determined to lose weight, even if it kills them.
81. Cousin Mimi suggests a secret lover to cure Aunt Marion's blues.
82. After a lifetime search, Cousin Mimi and Aunt Marion find spiritual fulfillment with his holiness,
the Swami Maharesh Bubbalou.
83. Cousin Mimi and Aunt Marion wonder if their new look isn't just a bit too overstated.
84. Cousin Mimi's body didn't bounce back quite as fast as she hoped it would after the baby was born.
85. Cousin Mimi worries that someday her husband Bert will figure out her secret lover Alphonse really fathered little Gloria.
86. Cousin Mimi isn't so sure her friend Millie's operation was all that successful.
87. The Lickalottys were so relieved when their son Ace returned from college and had not become a Young Republican,
as was rumored.
88. Aunt Marion's only wish is that her husband Bud Sr. be a bit more active in the boudoir.
89. Aunt Marion shaves several times a day to achieve those smooth, shiny legs.
90. Many a night, Aunt Marion will curl up with a bottle of bourbon and a good photo of Bud Sr.
91. Swept off her feet by love, Aunt Marion left family and friends for the rockstar motorcycle stuntman, Jett Thrust.
92. Cousin Mimi and her third husband Bert find the perfect way to beat the heat in the privacy of their backyard.
93. Cousin Mimi starts another really strick diet plan.
94. Cousin Mimi wanted her hair dyed, not fried.
95. Cousin Mimi and her third husband Bert are shocked at little Gloria's atrocious table manners.
96. Aunt Marion tries to put a little culture into the lives of her children.
97. Aunt Marion warns Darlene of the many risks of wearing torn and dirty underpants.
98. Aunt Marion thanks the Good Lord every day that her brother Brother Lester only comes to town twice a year.
99. Cousin Mimi and Aunt Marion spend many long evenings delving into each other's intimate secrets.
100. Cousin Mimi's third husband Bert always gets to be the first to taste Aunt Marion's exotic new recipes.

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