Circle the Lawn Chairs

Circle the lawnchairs -
you cannot conjure them.

Swim to the center of the cove -
only the wind is rising.

Bobbing for a spell -
cast your eye across the circling
shore line.
The cottages stare back
windows glazed
by cloud.
In the evening stir
the campfire
under a vault of sparks
the stars descend.

Poem © Julie Carter Merwin:

Photograph © Suzanne Winterberger

This book of eighteen poems by Julie Carter Merwin centers around her family's summers
at Bob's Lake, Ontario, Canada. The photographer, Suzanne Winterberger, visiting the compound during
the summer of 1975, was fascinated by the shifting, always on the move, gatherings of lawn chairs, seemingly
occupied even when empty. Over the course of thirty years, the poems and photographs grew together
into this collaborative work.

Published: 2005
ISBN 0-9650333-0-9
$10.00 plus $4.00 shipping for up to two books