CIA Links

Friends of CIA
(in no particular order)

Age Fotostock, Barcelona, Spain, My Stock Agency

Robert Sherer, painter
Bruce Spear, photographer
Stephanie Craig, ceramist
Art Becker, photographer
Sarah Wichlacz, photographer
Mick Boyle's Mail Art Blog
John Bavaro and Bavaroland
Heather Kadar, photographer
Fred Scruton, photographer
Mark Kirsch, photographer
Bill Tomey, photographer & rogue historian

Workshop Opportunities

Visual Studies Workshop
John Edwards Writing Workshops

Bookarts Links

Cranberry Press
Briar Press
Keith Smith Books
Aiko's -- a great place for Japanese papers in Chicago
Douglas Holleley and Clarellen Press

Software and Other Techie Stuff

FTP Voyager

On the Global Significance of Figs

Paradise Nursery